On Moral Relativism

Immanental non-transcendental thought
Ascribes problems to nature or nurture
But not the numinous. That saves your skin
Because a moral sensibility
Can get you killed in this rough world. What’s skin
Worth divorced from knowing love is real? I
Cannot empirically prove any love
Transmutes, heals, and calms the soul. And neither
Can you. You have to believe both parties
That it was love that healed. And if you want
Love but not any other virtues then
You are saying the terra firma of
Moral terrain is just around me. Well,
That’s a rather selfish choice and beggars
Your brothers who live with brutal complex
Consequences of nature, nurture but
For God’s sake need beauty and justice and
Accountability that we find in
Each society but our own circle
Which retreats with speed from encouraging
Virtue. Oh yes, we are in a rough world
Entranced by a powerfully bizarre
Spell that denies ex nihilo nihil fit.

by Allegra Jordan, 2016

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