I went to a wedding in 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine and wrote these two poems about reconciliation.

Many things are true

At an outdoor wedding

Many things are true.

There is dust, breath, & pulse.

Today we see how that mixture combusts.

How will we commingle, caress & rebuff

When our cosmic particles meet?

To comprehend the wisps of life before us

– fluid waves & ever-changing colors-

Is to know the particles are not the same today as yesterday.

What radioactive fallout changed them?

What joy heals them?

What hopeful life will emerge today

in the shadow of Chernobyl?

-Kyiv, Ukraine, May 7, 2013

(c) Allegra Jordan 2013


Thin Spaces

(“/Thin spaces/ are locales where the distance between heaven and earth collapses and we’re able to catch glimpses of the divine, or the transcendent.” – Eric Weiner, “Where Heaven & Earth Come Closer,” New York Times, May 12, 2012)

Into the raucous rumpus of a wedding

I came with a cold but left with a

Warm sense I’d walked into thin spaces

I’d feared to go because I was not ready.

Connecting without harm

To the powerful energy of love

Is tricky business.

There cannot be too much of me, nor too little trust.

Just the right amount, and maybe the ground opens

Our entangled particles pull us

In a great communal leap

Across the chasm of old, familiar pain

To a new we

If we do this right we’re lighter & freer.

We do this wrong we come out bitter, dirty, tired.

It’s a tricky business.

Thin spaces surprise you

Like the Spanish Inquisition.

Ready to pounce and strip you

Until at your core you know

Who you are.

What you want to become.

It’s the only way you will make the leap

Without harm.

Thin spaces don’t appear on a time-stamped agenda.

They don’t like being ordered around.

They are not boasting or vain.

Praise a thin space and it disappears for decades.

They are not idols, but portals.

You will only see them through hints or subtle cues

Pay attention to the right things:

Nuances, gestures, hesitations, the excuse.

Why is she here? That’s a good start.

What does she seek? Even better.

What is going on?

God-given mishaps are thin-space language

That transform a moldy, dusty surface with a

Truth no language would approach

and you’d never find IF

-the lunch started on time or

-the key was in the right pocket, and

-the trash didn’t stink in the ante-chamber

forcing people together inside to what could be

a tomb or a passage to a new world.

Thin spaces steal the energy of the group

Gather it and propel the web of people into a new place.

With funny, ridiculous tools

Maddening to us

And that is just the point.

Exhaust yourself

And you will be even less likely to resist the thin space.

Thin space fingerprints are all over the

Left-behind sweater,

The potholes that puncture your tire.

It’s that jet-lag,

The extra red-eye that

Pressure human hearts to


With truth

Not spoken when one is well-defended with rest.

A soft knock outside a locked door.

I didn’t know which way to open it

Push or pull?

Must be careful.

In that moment I trust the light

That shines on her face will show

Kindness in her eyes even if it’s just

The reflection of the wish in mine.

Come in.



Let me tell you a funny story

Where I failed.

And in our laughter,

We fall gently into that thin space

To a new world

Where I must be as aware of who I am

As I was in the last.

There are no shortcuts.

Pay attention.

That’s the rule of thin space law.

See what’s before you not what you wish to see.

Look too much for the girl in the dress and

You’ll miss the knock on the door.

Long for the knock and miss the person at your side.

A shorter cab ride for two and

You miss the bridge for three

To a new future from a dead past.

Take pictures too fast and miss the waiting around

Where the real miracle occurs

A brief confession.

Reconciliation –

a taste sweeter than all the wine of Cana.

Roll up a wedding into a watch and find

It’s 1% I do –

A beautiful sigh for all to enjoy

But 99% is where the miracles are found.

We know they love each other, but do we?

Somewhere in all the waiting are

Thin spaces overstretched hearts can stumble through.

It’s only waiting around if you’re

Blind to


Grace-catchings and

Dappled light

From the other world restored,


Soft and


(c) Allegra Jordan 2013